Seaside 2022

Entries are now open for Seaside 2022! After an interesting 2021 we hope to see you all back in Warrnambool for Seaside 2022. Please note that we will be following…
Gabby Lougheed
December 30, 2021

Junior Training Update

Please note that there will be no Thursday night junior volleyball training until after the school holidays. We can't wait to see everyone back after the break!
Gabby Lougheed
June 14, 2021

Snap Lockdown Restrictions

SENIOR/JUNIOR UPDATE In accordance with the 7-day lockdown in Victoria from 11:59 tonight until 11:59 on June 3 our skill sessions for tonight and next week will be cancelled. The…
Andrei Khaidurov
May 27, 2021

Upcoming Events

12th December 2021: Winter Season Grand Final and Presentation Night

12/13/14th March 2022: Annual Seaside Tournament

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WVA results 24/5/2022Div 1Eagles defeated Pancakes25/18 25/20 25/23 22/25 4/11Best players:Eagles: D.Hand T.Crothers Pancakes: B.Snook G.RobertsSWI defeated Tigers25/15 25/20 25/21 26/24Best Players:SWI: E.Hannagan B.Wake Tigers: B.Keeley J.RossWombats defeated DA’s25/23 22/25 25/14 20/25 9/6Best Players:Wombats: C.DeMartin H.Hannagan DA’s: B.Gibbs T.GibbsDiv 2 Average Joes defeated Mighty Ducks27/25 25/23 25/19 25/20 12/15Best Players:Average Joes: B.Wake J.Gibbs Mighty Ducks: C.Hilliam P.GibbsPirates defeated Fossils25/15 25/20 17/25 22/25 15/13Best Players:Pirates: R.Keldan B.Smith Fossils: C.Cavill M.JellieVipers defeated Thumpers25/18 25/16 23/25 25/16 14/16Best Players:Vipers: B.Arden L.Fletcher Thumpers: Z.Bowey A.PalmerOmegas defeated Rookies25/14 25/17 25/20 22/25 15/10Best Players:Omegas: I.Hussey H.Hannagan Rookies: S.Hilliam B.Huffer ... See MoreSee Less
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Congratulations to Emma and Hillary Hannigan on their achievements with Victorian Beach Volleyball Teams! ☠️🏐 ... See MoreSee Less
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WVA results 17/5/2022Div 1Eagles defeated DA’s16/25 25/18 25/18 25/19Best players:Eagles: H.Stutchberry D.Hand DA’s: J.Gee D.Allan DIG drew SWI25/22 25/10 14/25 21/25 Best Players:DIG: S.Wake K.Ratu SWI: A.Khaidurov C.BakeikorocauDiv 2 Mighty Ducks defeated Fossils23/25 25/15 25/21 25/12 11/15Best Players:Mighty Ducks: C.Hilliam A.Priebbenow Fossils: M.Jellie N.SiniremeraAverage Joes defeated Thumpers9/25 25/22 14/25 25/21 15/11Best Players:Average Joes: M.Kealley R.Payne Thumpers: Z.Bowey J.AhearnOmegas defeated Pirates20/25 25/20 25/16 25/19 12/14Best Players:Omegas: T.Hughes L.Jenkins Pirates: B.Smith C.DrogeRALI defeated VIP25/19 25/16 11/25 25/23 17/19Best Players:RALI: W.Lilley A.Khaidurov VIP: Z.Quarrell B.Arden ... See MoreSee Less
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