We are lucky enough to be able to play our cross over finals this week. Unfortunately, we have been forced to wipe out the last round of our season but the ladder positions wouldn’t have been affected by any results.
**Please note that due to venue capacity we have had to change one Div 2 game to Thursday night.
**Note: We cannot have any spectators watching due to venue capacity- players and duty teams only!

Cross over finals:
Div 1
Court 1 8.00pm DA’s vs Pancakes
Court 2 8.00pm SWI vs Eagles
Duty Wombats
Div 2
Court 1 6.30pm Average Joes vs Rookies
Duty Sharks/Fossils
Div 3
Court 3 6.30pm Thumpers vs Pirates
Court 4 6.30pm Victrix vs Mighty Ducks
Duty Sharks/Fossils
Court 2 6.30pm RALI vs Omegas

Grand Final:
SUNDAY JUNE 20th in the netball centre
Div 3 1.00pm
Div 2 2.15pm
Div 1 3.30pm
More information on the presentation night will be available once we can confirm this will be able to take place, including date and venue.