Hi all, great news! As of tomorrow night, Tuesday Nov 24, senior players are allowed to hit the courts and start playing the game we all love and have missed for the last 8 months. We will be holding a training session and possible scratch match for both men and women from 7pm – 9pm across multiple courts. If you would like to attend please text your name to Rachelle, 0473 017 010.

JUNIORS: This will not change anything for you tomorrow night, there will still be a session at 6.00pm – 7.30pm and another at 7.30pm – 9pm. The only thing difference is your parents will be welcomed to attend and watch if they like.

Please note all participants, both junior and senior are required to wear a mask into and out of the stadium and MUST register your details on the app when entering the stadium. More will be explained as you arrive.

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow night.